Together we make digital healthcare happen.

Our Offering

Overcoming healthcare challenges:

Navigating the complexities of healthcare and digital transformation presents unique challenges for healthcare companies.

Driving innovation outside the corporate structure:

At Evoleen, we understand these challenges and provide unwavering support and cutting-edge expertise.

Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical technology companies partner with Evoleen to innovate outside their corporate structure. Together we co-create solutions or services that go beyond their core products, either by extending or complementing them.

Our Solutions include:

  • Digital therapeutics
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Smart medical devices
  • Drug-device combinations
  • Provider facilities
  • Blended care models
  • AI-supported data models

Creating sustainable businesses:

Together with our partners, we create sustainable and substantial impact on their bottom and top line through newly created digital health businesses. We share risks and rewards.

At Evoleen we offer:  

  • Deep-dives to understand your specific customer challenges and needs
  • Ideation, co-creation, rapid prototyping, front-end projects with engineering
  • Venture building and scaling up through our venture builder team
  • Proprietary digital health pipeline and in-house technologies
  • Product development of software as medical devices (SaMDs), smart medical devices, integrated care models, provider setups or drug-device-combination products

  • Quality management, regulatory affairs and clinical research

  • Co-investments, screening, scouting, due diligence and portfolio management

  • Entrepreneurship education for our start-ups, peer2peer coaching, start-up community and events

Why do partners work with us?


Pure health focus

Evoleen is solely dedicated to the development of health solutions. This unwavering focus allows us to maintain a clear vision and minimize distractions.

And… thanks to our one-stop-shop approach, we combine all the necessary skills to run the E2E health business successfully: strategy, business modelling, technology, quality & regulatory (clinical evidence), commercialization – distribution.


Faster than in-house

Partners working with Evoleen are committed to driving innovation with agility and speed beyond their own organizations. They may lack specific expertise or want to complement their internal efforts with an external partner to accelerate innovation and solution development. For them, we are the ideal partner to help them think creatively and generate out-of-the-box solutions.


Skin in the game - we co-invest!

We go far beyond the traditional role of service provider. We have a vested interest and are willing to co-invest in cases that align with our mutual beliefs. This demonstrates our commitment and dedication to the success of our partnerships. It forces us to think critically about whether or not the projects with our partners are up for success.


Blending start-up and corporate expertise

Our experienced professionals bring the best of both worlds. They have extensive experience in large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. This unique combination enables them to navigate the unique characteristics and dynamics of both environments. Their ability to operate seamlessly in both spheres, combining entrepreneurship with corporate excellence, is a valuable asset.


100 % entrepreneurial and pragmatic mindset

The Evoleen team is driven by an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. If you visit our offices in Zurich or Munich, you will witness the entrepreneurial energy that permeates the atmosphere. Our internal processes are streamlined, ensuring efficiency and minimizing bureaucracy.

Our partners appreciate the fact that we build dedicated companies and entrepreneurial teams around their solution. Once scale-up is underway, the venture and team can be integrated into their company, if desired.


Tailored offering

We excel at building bespoke ventures specifically for your unique solution. If you prefer not to take an equity stake in a small start-up, we understand and explore alternative approaches. We will work with you to create a flexible structure that fits your strategy, budget and risk profile.


Unique ecosystem

At Evoleen, everything needed to successfully develop digital health solutions and smart medical devices can be found in our comprehensive ecosystem. Our extensive network includes startups, healthcare experts, hospitals and more. This ecosystem provides unparalleled access and fosters cross-fertilization, creating a rich environment for collaboration.


Proven model

We have successfully launched more than ten ventures with partners from large corporations, SMEs and hospitals. Our partners are always amazed at how quickly we get to work and develop solutions that meet real market needs. Want to know more about the secret sauce? Talk to us!

How we work

Discovery phase

Together with our partner, we explore, validate, and shape an idea that addresses a clear problem or need in the digital health space, until we truly believe in it and decide to co-invest.


Identify and understand a problem. Find a validated idea, develop first concept solutions, test customer and stakeholder acceptance, seek funding with co-investment through Evoleen.


Joint workshop, idea detailing, validation with interviews and desk research.

Our deliverables

Problem definition, concept idea, business case, business plan (incl. stakeholder analysis, competitive overview, business model canvas, go-to-market approach, etc.), clinical validation strategy, regulatory requirements, governance model and financing.


3-6 months with several core team members.

Venture phase

We found the venture, develop prototypes, bring the venture to market and generate first revenues - all supported by Evoleen’s unique ecosystem.


Generate necessary certifications and proof of concept in one market or indication.


With our large ever-growing ecosystem we will help the venture with problems that may arise. Evoleen Invest can support with funding, Evoleen Technology provides engineering and software development services, our specialists in Evoleen Access excel in quality, regulatory and clinical affairs related topics, Evoleen Data helps with managing and commercializing data collected, and Evoleen distribution provides the necessary sales power to commercialize the product to the market. Furthermore, we ensure the venture can leverage our growing external network of large corporates, universities, healthcare providers, digital-health start-ups, and other service companies.

Our deliverables

Necessary certifications (incl. clinical evidence, quality management system, CE, etc.), first traction in one market / indication, developed prototype and marketable product, patents granted.


12-30 months

Scale-up phase

We scale the venture and have it ready to be bought back by our corporate co-creation partner or conduct a successful exit on the market.


Scale in different markets / indications and conduct successful exit


With our large internal and external network of large corporates, universities, healthcare providers, digital-health start-ups and other service companies we will help the venture to improve its product or service, to scale its business in other markets and indications, have reimbursement mechanics in place, find the right partners, and be ready for a buy-back by the corporate co-creation partner and/or to conduct a successful exit on the market.

Our deliverables

Improved product, ecosystem / partner contracts, gain reimbursement (MiGeL-listing, DiGA / DiPA certification, etc.), successful exit.


+36 months

That’s how we make digital healthcare happen with you – in less than 30 months.

Frequently asked quesitons

About a third of the cases come from healthcare, life science, pharma and medtech companies that present us with a specific challenge. Another third come from university hospitals, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers. And the rest? The rest comes from within our own team, because Evoleeners are strong networkers, constantly looking for new unsolved challenges in healthcare.

Sometimes our partners have already done an analysis and have a good understanding of the customer’s problems. Then we take over and drive the ideation and solution development with agility and speed. In most cases, however, we start with a joint discovery phase to understand the “problem – challenge” to be solved. Our venture building approach is typically divided into three phases (discover, venture, scale-up phase).

At Evoleen, we believe in the power of tailored collaboration models. Whether it’s establishing independent ventures, nurturing start-ups, fostering legal manufacturing partnerships, creating open ecosystems or setting up internal business units, we work closely with you to determine the ideal model that fits perfectly with your unique business mechanics and strategy. Our approach is driven by a single goal: to maximize your chances of success. We understand that every organization is different, and that’s why we work hand in hand with you to create the perfect setup that will propel you towards your goals and aspirations.

“Evoleen offers the perfect solution for companies looking to build new businesses. They create a new business that is detached enough from the core business to thrive, but close enough to become part of it.”

Georg van Husen, Former Corporate Senior Vice President at Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH

“ ‘You cannot escape tomorrow's responsibility by avoiding it today’ is THE management approach to develop the future of digital healthcare. With Evoleen, we have found a reliable partner to design this future. ”

Dr. Enver Kaya, VP Global Marketing & Sales B. Braun

“Evoleen is pioneering the next generation of service excellence. Digital healthcare combined with entrepreneurship - a crisp and unique way to deliver true biomedical innovation.”

Peter Vogel, Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at IMD Business School

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