Our one-stop-shop
for start-ups

Working for a healthcare start-up? Looking for advice and support from experts in the field? We understand that your life is a dynamic rollercoaster ride of challenges, rewards and many questions.

Our Offering

As a respected start-up builder with a formidable reputation in the industry, we are here to support you. Over the years, we have gained extensive expertise in the healthcare start-up landscape and a deep understanding of your specific needs.

At Evoleen, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive one-stop-shop for healthcare start-ups, offering unwavering support in the following areas:

developing and mastering digital health solutions and smart medical devices – AI machine learning capabilities​

streamlining complex regulatory processes​

orchestrating successful clinical studies

investing in start-ups we truly believe in, providing dedicated coaching and leveraging our ever-expanding network.

providing strategic distribution collaborations for digital health and smart medical device solutions.

How we work

How is it for a start-up like yours to work with Evoleen – how does it work practically? Pretty straight-forward! Our one-stop-shop for start-ups offers a wide range of collaboration opportunities across multiple fields. With our expertise in healthcare, we can cater to all your relevant needs. You can select multiple services or choose one specific area from our offerings if you prefer a more focused approach. To give you a better idea about different collaboration models, here are a few concrete examples:

Health Start-up A

Earlier, the CTO learned about positive experiences with Evoleen Technology from another start-up. In search of a development partner, they are now collaborating with the experts from Evoleen Technology to develop a platform that can seamlessly integrate data from their diagnostics device. The objective is to enable healthcare professionals to effortlessly visualize data and generate reports. Start-up A recently concluded a seed funding round, securing CHF 2.0 million. As part of its collaboration with Evoleen, the team agreed upon several development sprints and a corresponding sprint price. It is fully compensating the services provided by Evoleen in cash.

Health Start-up B

Start-up B is developing a new generation of cancer testing. The team is currently preparing the next financing round. At the same time it seeks for advice to build a robust quality system - supported by our Evoleen Access team. Also, it collaborates closely with Evoleen Technology to develop a patient app and a cloud solution for Health care professionals. The Evoleen team found the case of the start-up promising and agreed to deliver services a) partially against cash payment b) partially in kind (converted into shares during the financing round)

Health Start-up C

Start-up C is active in the area of wound healing. The team submitted the case to Evoleen and received a positive investment decision. Hurra! This enables them to a) drive their AI supported digital solution forward with their trusted development partner Evoleen Technology, b) build their quality system with the advice of Evoleen Access and c) hire additional internal staff for business development activities.

Why start-ups work with us?


Focus on health

Health is our life. At Evoleen, we are exclusively dedicated to developing healthcare solutions. In our one-stop-shop for healthcare start-ups, you will find everything you need to maximize your chances of success.


Start-up experts

With extensive experience of building healthcare solutions for our own start-ups, we have a deep understanding of the start-up journey. By empathizing and engaging with you on an equal footing, we build a strong connection and provide valuable insights into our ever-growing start-up ecosystem.



Why should you repeat the learning curve we have been through many times before? Building several start-ups ourselves has taught us a few lessons. We invite you to join forces with us and benefit from our past experiences. By working with Evoleen, you can bypass the tedious process of acquiring knowledge that we have already mastered, allowing you to accelerate your progress and benefit from our experience in the field. Together we will take your business to new heights.


Lean structure

Our organization operates with minimal overheads, enabling us to deliver exceptional value for your investment. Our team of experts work quickly and diligently, ensuring that your time and resources are used effectively. Our approach to working with start-ups is pragmatic, with short and focused meetings that prioritize direct communication and constructive feedback, no blah blah… We value frank honesty and foster an environment of open dialogue.


Fun to work with

Working with Evoleeners is a fun and inspiring experience. We maintain a positive and vibrant working environment where smiles and enthusiasm are always present.

“In Evoleen, we found a development partner that works in a highly regulated environment, yet is agile and hands-on. We found a high level of technical expertise in building a medical cloud with low overhead and a team we really enjoy working with.”

Dominic Senn, CEO of the start-up MachineMD