Invest in the future of healthcare.​

Evoleen Invest offers you as an investor two distinct investment opportunities:

Investment through
Digital Health Venture Fund:

For investors seeking a diversified investment strategy, the Digital Health Venture Fund offers an attractive portfolio. The fund pools resources from multiple investors to invest in a range of digital health start-ups within and outside the Evoleen ecosystem.

*The fund is currently being established and will be launched in 2024.

Direct Investment
in Evoleen ecosystem companies:

This option allows investors to invest directly in HealthTech companies that are part of the Evoleen ecosystems. This allows investors to take a more targeted approach and select specific companies that align with their investment objectives and preferences.

Digital Health Venture Fund*


With our fund, we are establishing a digital health seed venture fund with the primary goal of driving transformative change in healthcare systems and promoting the advancement of digital healthcare. This fund will be the first of several investment vehicles we plan to launch.


Our fund will provide funding to selected start-ups from both the Evoleen ecosystem and external sources, with the aim of long-term capital growth. Our primary focus will be to invest in European-based med-tech and healthcare service companies, all of which must have a digital component to their value proposition. The overall objective is to provide investors with an attractive healthcare fund solution covering the entire healthcare industry, excluding pharmaceutical companies.


The selection process is based on comprehensive company analysis, with a particular focus on assessing the medical benefits and potential cost savings for healthcare systems. In addition, we consider the expected market potential of a company’s products and services.


One of the key aspects that sets our fund apart is our deep expertise in deploying digital health solutions, leveraging the full capabilities of the Evoleen ecosystem. Start-ups that are successfully approved for investment by our investment committee following due diligence will benefit significantly from our knowledge and support in developing cutting-edge digital healthcare solutions.

Fund Size

€170M with 50M initial volume based on €4.5M (founders) + €17M (strategic partner) + €28.5M (preferred investors)

Ticket Size​

EUR 200k to +10M leading to a pool of​ about 50 investors in total


10yrs (+1+1) after final close including enough time for solid clinical evidence creation​


Q3 2023 to Q4 2024 which enables a stepwise investment strategy in parallel as off Q4 2023​


LUX RAIF with Rothschild und Co. and Waystone as main collaboration partners ​


2% of management fees &​
20% of performance fees​

Invest Period

5yrs after launch focusing on Seed Corporate Co-Investments, Series A and 30% follow-ups


Lock-up for 10yrs with active liquidity management by custodian Rothschild and Co.​

AIFM & Administrator Luxembourg​

Legal Counsel​


Custodian Bank​

Investors & Limited Partners​

General Partner Luxembourg​

Evoleen Investment AG

Marketing & Fund Distribution CH, EU​

FAQ for interested investors​

The Evoleen 1 investment fund primarily attracts Seasoned VCs, family offices, private and institutional investors with a long-term investment horizon of at least 10 years. These investors are seeking to strategically diversify their portfolios by investing in the medical technology sector and are prepared to bear the typical equity risks associated with this sector.

The minimum ticket size required to invest in the fund is CHF 0.2 million (Swiss Francs 0.2 million)

On average, the equity investment offered through Evoleen 1 is CHF 0.5 million per company.

No. The fund is open to investing in any promising start-up operating in the Medtech sector that includes a digital component as part of its value proposition. This suggests that the fund is not restricted to investing solely in ventures developed by Evoleen itself.

To be considered for investment, start-ups must meet certain criteria set by the fund. The specific criteria involve factors such as novelty factor, market potential, team expertise, financial viability, and alignment with the fund’s overall objectives such as solving a real problem in healthcare, providing medical value and potential cost savings for healthcare systems

A committee consisting of five experienced serial entrepreneurs, investors are ultimately looking at the investment opportunities and taking distinct investment decisions. The committee will on a quarterly bases.

FAQ for start-ups seeking funding

The initial investment is typically between CHF 0.2 million and CHF 1 million. The fund aims to support the growth of the company through follow-on investments.
The fund invests in seed and series A rounds, targeting 10-15% equity in companies with valuations up to 15 million.
The process is designed to identify the most promising digital health ventures. After an initial screening to assess eligibility, candidates will go through a due diligence process to evaluate the business plan, product and service details, financials and team biographies. The results of this analysis are then presented to the investment committee for a final decision.
There is no particular constraint and candidates can submit their cases at any time.
The investment committee meets monthly to evaluate new opportunities and review existing investments.