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We are entrepreneurs. 100% dedicated and engaged. We’ve built Evoleen to make digital healthcare happen. We create tailor-made built-to-buy startups in close collaboration with leading industry partners to grow the digital healthcare ecosystem.

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The Why Behind Our Story

More than a decade ago, we recognized the huge potential of digital solutions when working in healthcare organizations. But we also saw the huge challenges our industry is facing. Few healthcare companies see a return on their investments and sustainable value from initiatives beyond medication, including in the digital sector or delivering outcomes-orientated care. In addition, the talents driving digitization are limited, and the pace of development of digital products is much higher than that of health products and processes. The organizational structures of healthcare companies often encounter resistance to the flexible and agile approaches that are needed for digital development and integration.

We founded Evoleen to solve these problems and enable progress within digital health care.


We have created an ecosystem that is unique. By hosting different startups under the same roof, we achieve a high spillover effect and can benefit from synergies by leveraging our learnings from our digital healthcare ventures.

Skin in the Game

Our business model is designed to promote true entrepreneurship. All our entrepreneurs participate directly on their startup and take full ownership from day one.

True Belief

We share risks, we invest and we participate. We only pursue ideas and initiate startups that we truly believe in. No consulting, just entrepreneurship.


We collaborate with our industry partner from day one and develop our startup together, so that entrepreneurship and corporate experience come together to create real value.

Spill Over Effect

Instead of planning a conventional one-time hand-over of the startup’s value at the end of the journey, we identify with our partner points along the way that allow us to develop the market as early as possible.


Evoleeners are not only entrepreneurs at heart but also well experienced within the corporate environment. We combine the speed and agility of the fast-paced startup world with the expertise of global corporate market leaders.

At evoleen, the entrepreneur is at the center. A unique organization and culture ensure real and sustainable business innovation. Big companies benefit from speed, holism and a true partnership.



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