The Evoleen Ecosystem

We are entrepreneurs. 100% dedicated and engaged. We initiate and build new digital healthcare solutions and take them to the market. In close collaboration with leading healthcare enterprises, we invest in cases we truly believe in and scale the venture to grow the digital healthcare ecosystem.

The why behind our story

Delivering outcome-based care and beyond the pill solutions is hard!

Talents driving digitization are limited and healthcare processes and organizations often struggle with flexible and agile approaches used in digital development. On the other hand, best practices and techniques from other industries do not perform in healthcare. The organizational structures of healthcare companies often encounter resistance to the flexible and agile approaches that are needed for digital development and integration. We founded Evoleen to solve these problems and make digital healthcare happen.

Evoleen values


We have created an ecosystem that is unique. By hosting different ventures under the same roof, we achieve a high spillover effect and can benefit from synergies by leveraging our learnings from our digital healthcare ventures.

Skin in the game

The Evoleen business model is designed to promote true entrepreneurship. We all participate directly on our venture and take full ownership from day one.

True belief

We share risks, we invest and we participate. We only pursue ideas and initiate ventures that we truly believe in. No consulting, just entrepreneurship.


We collaborate with our industry partner from day one and develop our venture together, so that entrepreneurship and corporate experience come together to create real value.

Spill over effect

Instead of planning a conventional one-time hand-over of the startup’s value at the end of the journey, we identify with our partner points along the way that allow us to develop the market as early as possible.


Evoleeners are not only entrepreneurs at heart but also well experienced within the corporate environment. We combine the speed and agility of the fast-paced startup world with the expertise of global corporate market leaders.

Evoleen pioneers the next generation of service excellence. Digital healthcare combined with entrepreneurship – a crisp and unique way of delivering true biomedical innovation.

Peter Vogel Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at IMD Business School

Evoleen provides the perfect solution for corporations that want to build new businesses. They create a new business which is detached enough from the core business to flourish but close enough to become part of it.

Georg van Husen Corporate Senior Vice President at Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH

At evoleen, the entrepreneur is at the center. A unique organization and culture ensure real and sustainable business innovation. Big companies benefit from speed, holism and a true partnership.

Pascal Koenig CEO of Ava AG

Evoleen inspires its partners and entrepreneurs with aesthetics, creativity, and a business sense that is unparalleled. In combination with its innovative business model, evoleen is a terrific experience.

Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller Director Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management at the University of St.Gallen

You probably run external projects to overcome or enlarge your core competencies. Have you ever been concerned about transferring the full knowledge and know-how gained in a project back to the company? – Create your start-up instead and integrate and secure all of it. Evoleen is your perfect partner for execution.

Herbert Baechler Former CTO at Sonova

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” is THE management approach to develop the future of digital healthcare. With Evoleen, we have found the reliable partner to design this future.

Dr. Enver Kaya VP Global Marketing & Sales at B.Braun

Speed wins – is that your slogan, too? Stop fighting corporate culture and start shaping. Co-create with Evoleen!

Yves Ottiger Chief Marketing Officer at B. Braun

Evoleen is unique. Evoleen provides world class design and development solutions for your business, sharing in the risk and sharing in the reward. The Evoleen business model is unlike any other. Take a closer look and you too will become excited about the possibilities.

Paul Jansen Board Member & Sr Advisor at Haselmeier and former AVP Medical Device Development at Sanofi

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