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Evoleen is working on several cases in the fields of oncology, cardiology, T2D, ASD, CKD, ophthalmology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology and IVF.


Collabree is a digital adherence start-up focusing on improving therapy compliance of chronically ill patients by applying behavioral economics principles.

The underlying problem is that only one in two patients that receive prescriptions comply with their medication plan. This poor adherence leads to severe health complications and an increased use of healthcare services.  In fact, costs of EUR 125 billion in Europe and USD 105 billion in the United States per year are attributed to avoidable hospitalizations, emergency care, and outpatient visits.


Carity is a digital coach and therapeutics actively used during the standard cardiac rehabilitation program and smoothly accompanying the patient after rehabilitation. Carity gives confidence back to patients and keeps them motivated to achieve their personal therapy goals and a long-term cardiovascular health improvement.


Wings supports oncology patients who suffer from high psychological stress and anxiety during and after cancer therapy. Wings empowers patients in a very intuitive way, helps to understand the condition and coaches them to a new normal.

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Noa is a new concept designed to support and encourage patients to exercise at home. It is designed to increase therapy adherence and connect them with their therapists. Noa is a combination of a mobile application and various cost-effective disposable therapy devices.

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Chronic diseases and conditions are on the rise worldwide. Ageing populations, lifestyle changes and non-timely treatments of at-risk populations are contributing to this increase. This leads to growing chronic care needs which put a burden on healthcare systems worldwide.

Visience offers a handy solution. With our health stations, we are able to engage with risk groups at the places they are. Not at the doctor’s office, but in shopping malls and other frequented places. Visience offers a comprehensive platform to regularly check the most important vital parameters and behaviours at no cost and support risk groups on their journey to a healthier life.

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The current situation with COVID-19 has a major impact on the way we do business. Our clients, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and other players in the healthcare industry are particularly affected. Changes in their priorities means focus is now directed towards essential tasks, and access to these key stakeholders is thus restricted. Yet, advancements in other areas of healthcare remain pressing. How can we maintain access to HCPs and provide them with critical information at times when personal contact is no longer possible? How can we catch their attention and interest? In response, Evoleen presents Aura. Aura is a decentralized and personalized engaging platform for HCPs based on eLearning, interaction and gamification elements. The platform is highly customizable in terms of format, content and CI.

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Unpredicted infections and diseases may affect severely our animals and cause a significant cost, health and emotional burden. Furthermore, human behavior can negatively affect animal health and lead to conditions such as obesity, infections, allergies. CariPet offers basic benefits to both owners and animals right from the start. By using a wearable device for the animal in conjunction with existing care offerings, it’s possible to connect the animal, the owner and the veterinarian on a new level and boost the outcome of current therapy offerings.

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Odysseey is supporting inadequately diagnosed patients in medical and financial concerns during their journey. Odysseey empowers patients to track and manage their own journey. This allows the patient to better understand his condition, eases interaction and communication with HCPs as well as with specialists and creates evidence on long term outcome. 

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How can one become healthier in these busy days? Food supplements and vitamins will never replace real food, and it is very difficult to stick to a diet. Nutrive offers a healthier lifestyle without compromising on habits. Nutrive provides easy to understand and convenient insights into the body and makes health improvements tangible. Personalized product offerings help to become healthier.

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Small to medium-sized pharmacies are suffering from falling gross margins and are looking for new services and offers. Digital health solutions could be an interesting option, but would require significant investments. Wellbee is a platform with which pharmacies can easily sell and develop new services and digital products directly from their current range and via a new channel.

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Evoleen pioneers the next generation of service excellence. Digital healthcare combined with entrepreneurship – a crisp and unique way of delivering true biomedical innovation.

Peter Vogel Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at IMD Business School

Evoleen provides the perfect solution for corporations that want to build new businesses. They create a new business which is detached enough from the core business to flourish but close enough to become part of it.

Georg van Husen Corporate Senior Vice President at Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH

At evoleen, the entrepreneur is at the center. A unique organization and culture ensure real and sustainable business innovation. Big companies benefit from speed, holism and a true partnership.

Pascal Koenig CEO of Ava AG

Evoleen inspires its partners and entrepreneurs with aesthetics, creativity, and a business sense that is unparalleled. In combination with its innovative business model, evoleen is a terrific experience.

Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller Director Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management at the University of St.Gallen

You probably run external projects to overcome or enlarge your core competencies. Have you ever been concerned about transferring the full knowledge and know-how gained in a project back to the company? – Create your start-up instead and integrate and secure all of it. Evoleen is your perfect partner for execution.

Herbert Baechler Former CTO at Sonova

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” is THE management approach to develop the future of digital healthcare. With Evoleen, we have found the reliable partner to design this future.

Dr. Enver Kaya VP Global Marketing & Sales at B.Braun

Speed wins – is that your slogan, too? Stop fighting corporate culture and start shaping. Co-create with Evoleen!

Yves Ottiger Chief Marketing Officer at B. Braun

Evoleen is unique. Evoleen provides world class design and development solutions for your business, sharing in the risk and sharing in the reward. The Evoleen business model is unlike any other. Take a closer look and you too will become excited about the possibilities.

Paul Jansen Board Member & Sr Advisor at Haselmeier and former AVP Medical Device Development at Sanofi


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