Strategic partnership of Evoleen and machineMD

June 2023 – The Swiss medical device company machineMD and the Swiss digital health expert Evoleen announce their strategic partnership. MachineMD is developing neos, a non-invasive diagnostic device intended to provide an automatic and quantitative full neuro-ophthalmic work-up. Evoleen drives the software development, focusing on the development and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure and web application.

Eye and pupil movements are sensitive biomarkers for brain disorders. Today, neuro-ophthalmic examinations are usually performed manually. They are time-consuming, require well-trained specialists and the results are mostly qualitative. A new generation of diagnostic tools is needed to perform a fast, high-quality, automated, and easy-to-use examination of brain function that provides quantifiable and reproducible data. The device, called neos, will be able to provide an automated neuro-ophthalmic examination in less than 10 minutes, and can be used by a healthcare practitioner without specialized training.

Neos leverages the latest technical advances in eye tracking via VR headsets, combined with machineMD’s proprietary examination protocols. The cloud solution plays an important role in enabling the telemedicine application – a major advantage of the solution. Thanks to this cloud, the data provided by neos can be made accessible to specialists and healthcare practitioners all over the world.

“We have been looking for a software development partner who is working in a highly regulated environment, while still working in an agile way,” said Dominic Senn, CEO of machineMD. “At Evoleen, we found a high level of technical expertise in setting up and running a medical cloud.”

Evoleen co-creates with partners eHealth opportunities and builds and scales its own ventures. At the same time, Evoleen’s tech experts develop digital health solutions for their own ventures and for external companies. In the strategic partnership with machineMD, Evoleen sees an interesting potential.

“Strategic partnerships like the one with machineMD allow us to fully leverage our expertise in the digital health space while living our credo ‘making digital healthcare happen’. Together with partners like machineMD we are making positive impact in digital health, explains Marcel Wüthrich, Head of Global Business Development at Evoleen.

About evoleen

Evoleen is a disruptive eHealth company builder that supports global pharmaceutical and medtech enterprises to build, accelerate and enhance their digital health business. With a unique co-creation approach, Evoleen offers and shares knowledge in all relevant fields to designing and developing digital health businesses covering all competencies of Customer Insights, R&D, Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs, ICT and operations.

About machineMD
machineMD is a medical device company, headquartered in Switzerland, that develops innovative solutions to radically improve early detection of brain disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and brain tumors. The company combines Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to empower neurologists and ophthalmologists with reliable diagnostic data.

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