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What do you mean by co-creation?

We collaborate with leading industry partners in the field of digital healthcare to identify problems that are worth solving. We initiate, create and scale a digital healthcare venture to solve these problems and create sustainable value linked to a individualized collaboration model. After successfully entering the market and having established a sustainable business, the startup will be transferred to our partner. The co-creation enables our industry partners to take part in shaping the venture from the very beginning so that it aligns with their long-term strategic business goals. Hence, in a co-creation, we combine the speed and agility of our lean startup approach with the expertise of global corporate market leaders and share risks, investments and returns.

Who are Evoleen’s partners?

Our mission is to make digital healthcare happen and to make people’s lives better. We collaborate with all major players in the healthcare sector, including pharmaceutical and medical device companies, nutrition manufacturers and retailers. In short, anyone who is willing to make a difference in digital healthcare.

How long do you need to build a startup?

It depends on the product, service and/or solution that the venture is offering. Over a period of 9-12 months we develop and verify the solution in 3 iterations and take it to the market. While creating clinical and real-world evidence we continuously evolve business mechanics and specify the go-to-market strategy. After the successful proof of product/market fit during the initial phase, we create the perfect deal together with you and establish a flexible and individualized setup that is in line with your strategy, budget and risk profile. Over a further period of 1-3 years, our entrepreneurs grow the business and improve the solution before and after a successful launch in a defined test market. As soon as the venture has grown to a sustainable and mature business, it is time for a smooth transition to you. Our entrepreneurs will help you with the integration of the venture within your organization and the global roll-out.

How can my business benefit from Evoleen’s ecosystem from day one?

The Evoleen ecosystem consists of our network and know-how, which will be incorporated into every new project from day one.

Our network consists of experienced advisors (business, technical, medical/clinical) and physicians.

Our know-how is coming from existing start-ups, previous or ongoing projects and screenings on a global scope. The ecosystem covers the following subjects: diabetes care, renal care, cardiac rehabilitation, patient engagement, autism spectrum disorder, patient monitoring, wearable devices and behavioral economics.

Do entrepreneurs have shares in their startup?

Yes. Our business model is designed to promote true entrepreneurship. Evoleeners participate directly in their venture and take full ownership from day one. Our entrepreneurs truly have their skin in the game, meaning that they are fully engaged and share both risk and reward.

On what startups are you currently working?

Evoleen is working on several cases in the fields of cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes care, renal care, autism spectrum disorder, patient engagement and patient monitoring. Our pipeline is full of ideas waiting to be realized. Check out our two public cases Collabree and Carity!

Which startup will I be working on when I join Evoleen as entrepreneur?

As an Evoleener you only work on what you believe in. That’s why we make sure we hook you up with the startup that you find most interesting and promising. Also, as you will be closely working with other Evoleeners, we will introduce to you the rest of the team to find the best match.

Whose idea is it in the beginning?

We meet, we talk, we ideate. Once we identified a problem worth solving, Evoleen collects further insights using our own AI algorithms and entrepreneurs to dig deeper into the ecosystem of your focus area. We then propose a solution that targets your pain points and exceeds other offerings.

What are Evoleen’s success factors?

Our business model is designed to promote true entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurs participate directly in their startup and take full ownership from day one. Evoleeners truly have their skin in the game, meaning that they are fully engaged and share both risk and reward.

Evoleeners are not only entrepreneurs at heart but also well experienced within the corporate environment. We combine the speed and agility of the fast-paced startup world with the expertise of global corporate market leaders.

At Evoleen, we have created a unique ecosystem. By hosting different ventures under the same roof, we can benefit from synergies by leveraging our learnings from our digital healthcare ventures.   All these ingredients of our secret sauce allow us to perform at a maximum rate and focus on only what matters: creating value!

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